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This mod has been cancelled as of January 13, 2013.
==General Info==
==General Info==

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Tap.jpg The Apocalypse Project

This mod has been cancelled as of January 13, 2013.

General Info

Project Leader: , pecenipicek, PyroMX

Places Open/Applying

The Apocalypse Project is looking for the following people with talents to join the project:

  • FREDder: Open
  • Table Editor: Full
  • Storyline Writer: Full
  • Modeler: Open
  • Texture Map Maker: Open
  • Wiki Maintainer: Open
  • Sound effects artist: Open
  • Music composer: Full
  • Sound effect maker: Open

If you wish to join the project, please contact pecenipicek.


The Apocalypse project is a FreeSpace mod based on Homeworld 2. The main point of TAP is to bring the universe of Homeworld to the FSO engine, and give the players a taste of how it is in the cockpit of a fighter.

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