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Tap.jpg The Apocalypse Project

General Info

Project Leader: , pecenipicek, PyroMX
Project Members :

  • pecenipicek ~ Project leader, Head 3D Modeller
  • PyroMX ~ 2nd in command 2D artist, web site designer, advertiser
  • Asprin ~ Music artist
  • Decembered ~ Music artist
  • thesizzler ~ Table editor
  • Colonol Dekker ~ Effects artist
  • Dark Knight ~ Story coordinator, tech description writer
  • Deto ~ Vaygr modeller

Places Open/Applying

The Apocalypse Project is looking for the following people with talents to join the project:

  • FREDder: Open
  • Table Editor: Full
  • Storyline Writer: Full
  • Modeler: Open
  • Texture Map Maker: Open
  • Wiki Maintainer: Open
  • Sound effects artist: Open
  • Music composer: Full
  • Sound effect maker: Open

If you wish to join the project, please contact pecenipicek.


The Apocalypse project is a FreeSpace mod based on Homeworld 2. The main point of TAP is to bring the universe of Homeworld to the FSO engine, and give the players a taste of how it is in the cockpit of a fighter.


Kharak. A hostile, desert world, where the only arable land lie in the polar regions. The Kiithid have called it home since time immemorable. Near the end of the Heresy Wars, Kiith Naabal emerged from their hidden polar region, sallying forth to stop the Heresy Wars, and establishing the Time of Reason. During the ToR, advances in biological and chemical sciences revealed a disturbing lack of commonality between the kiith and most Kharakid life. Except for a small variety of bacteria and a single species of small forager, the kiith were aliens to the world.

In 1105, a radar satellite malfunctioned, and scanned the surface of the planet. A strong return where there should have been non revealed to be an ancient city, now known as Khar Toba, built around the skeletal chassis of an advanced vessel. Beneath the surface, in a shielded chamber, lay the remains of the ancient ship's power plant. Attached to it was a small, nondescript module. This small module was revealed to be a solid state hyperspace induction module. With this, the Kiith were ready to take their first steps into the galaxy, but it was not until 1135, did they know how far they would have to go.

At Khar Toba, a team of dedicated archaeologist continued to work on the ancient city under some of the harshest Kharakid conditions. Mevath Sagald, leader of the expedition, single handly found and explored the mythic Observertory Temple of Khar Toba after accidents left her working on her own. There, she found a single black stone, weathered by the elements till its markings were near indistinguishable... the Guidestone. On its surface was etched a simple map of the galaxy, and a single gouged line leading from a point of the rim to one deep in the galactic center. Adjacent to the rim spot was a string of numbers giving Kharak's actual position. At the other end, was a single word, ancient but common to all dialects. Hiigara ... Home.

This single discovery sparked off the largest construction project ever known. The entire planet was devoted to the construction of the Mothership. Part carrier, part survey ship, part factory complex and temporary home for millions of people in cyrogenic sleep. Over a period of 35 years, the Mothership took form within the massive Scaffold, which itself took 20 years to build. Now the Mothership and the Kiith are ready to begin the journey to their Hiigara ... to their Homeworld.

Homeworld: Cataclysm

Coming soon...

Homeworld 2

Coming soon...

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