The Dragon Awakes

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Fighter squadron: 222nd Nightwolves

Description: The authors of Earth's extermination make themselves known.


With Earth apparently annihilated, and hopes of a peaceful reunion shattered, the 14th Battlegroup turns to the grim task of making sense of the tragedy.

On the character front, this mission provides more insight into the depth of the rift between Commander Bei and his father.


No experienced pilot should be surprised to find Shivan fighters hibernating in the asteroid belt.

Once the hibernating Manticore has been destroyed, a full squadron of Dragon fighters will awake and swarm Alpha wing. Surviving this assault can be a challenge even on lower difficulties. Fortunately, Captain Al'Fadil will get there as fast as he can, so just try to stay alive until the reinforcements jump in.

Micromanage your wingmen, ordering them all to attack one Dragon at a time. Focus on staying alive, evading furiously and tossing countermeasures whenever necessary. If you get a shot with Harpoons or your Balor cannon, take it.

Once Zeta wing has jumped in, keep yourself alive while the Erinyes do their thing.


The idea of Shivans hibernating is not dissimilar to a similar concept in Derelict.

Even if he survives, Lieutenant Nehru will make no appearance throughout the rest of the campaign, suggesting that his encounter with a full squadron of Dragons left him in the Orestes' psychological ward.

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