The Return to Ross 128 (ST:R)

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Fighter squadron: 91st Phantoms

Description: The GTI mounts an intelligence operation into the heart of Shivan space. Not all is as it seems, however...


Ross 128. Where the marking point of the Great War took place. The GTI is performing a recon mission near the ruins of Riviera Station, hoping to see what Shivan forces are on the other side...



You have Alpha and Beta wings of your own choosing. A recommended ship is the Loki or Valkyrie, their high maneuverability can avoid the hail of gunfire and escape to safe distance before leaving the field of engagement.

The instant you deploy, go to full burn and scan anything before it takes off or before you get shot up. Scan everything, cruisers then cargo. That's it. Beware of Loki fighters all over the place.