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<br>[http://archives.volitionwatch.com/download/fs2mission/GW2Part2.zip Direct link to the Volitionwatch Archives] (may not work).
<br>[http://archives.volitionwatch.com/download/fs2mission/GW2Part2.zip Direct link to the Volitionwatch Archives] (may not work).
<br>[http://www.nukelol.com/downloads/freespacefiles/campaigns/GW2Part2.zip Nukelol Mirror]

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The Second Great War Part II is a 30 mission campaign for FreeSpace 2 by C "Sunil" Reddy.


Author: C "Sunil" Reddy

Originally posted: 06/22/00

Mods: stars.tbl

Missions: 30


12 years after the Second Great War, we discover some more Shivans in an uninhabited system on the other side of terran space. This campaign is sequal to Secon Great War, in which we set up a blockade, and then go on the offensive. This campaign has many unique things, such as civil wars, a juggarnaut on our side, a Colossus on enemy side, multiple Sathanas and Colossus destroyers, bombing runs, unique recon missions, and a collapse node, but you are on the wrong side of it. How will you survive?


The campaign is widely derided in the FreeSpace community as one of the worst third-party campaigns ever to be released. However, for some people, the campaign is so bad that it has come full circle and crossed the "so bad it's good" line. Whether to regard it as a terrible campaign or a MST3K-style funny/stupid campaign is a matter of individual preference.

"Actually, in terms of mindless "let's blow a whole ton of **** up," it's rather enjoyable. For instance, I fondly remember one mission where you single-handedly have to take out about 18 or so assorted Shivan cruisers and corvettes. (Turns out a double Helios more than smashes a Cain to smithereens.) However, if you're looking for a coherent story and sensible ship use, it's probably not your cup of tea." ~Mongoose, HLP


The campaign is still available from the Volitionwatch Archives. However, the Volitionwatch Archives are not being maintained anymore, so it is just a matter of time before the below link stops functioning.

Direct link to the Volitionwatch Archives (may not work).
Nukelol Mirror