The Third Encounter

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Inferno Nostos

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Fighter squadron: 74th Templars

Description: ?


The 74th Templars have narrowly escaped a Shivan ambush. Their escape jump has taken them to the EACa Ephilates's last known coordinates.

Hopefully, it's somewhere relatively safe in Ross 128. If not...


Well, it's a bit too quiet to start. However, your wingmen have managed to re-establish a link with Terran Command. Your squadron is near the Rio Grande installation, however no response is received.

Start with scanning what's left of the Ephilates then scan the Europa. After that, scan the Rio Grande's Communications.

Once that's done, the Ravana-class Sammael will arrive to clean out what's left. Command will find out Eleanor Kaprinsky is on-board the Rio Grande. After an argument with Command, she'll provide her intel on the Earth Alliance if the Templars can get her and any survivors out of there.

Start by defending the installation. At this point, Omega Wing of Alves heavy assault fighters will assist, and the support ship will be available. Your HL-12 and Maelstrom missiles will suffice against the fighters.

Once you hear that the survivors are on the Europa, assign your wingmen to defend that transport.

When the Europa undocks from the station, the Moloch-class Vakteth will come in. Shoot its main cannon out with your Corinthos missiles. Keep defending the transport until it can safely depart and follow her out.