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[[Image:STRLogo.png|480px|center|frameless|link=Silent Threat: Reborn|Silent Threat: Reborn]]<BR>
{{Mission|previous=He Who Rides the Tiger|next=Hellfire (ST:R)|campaign=Silent Threat: Reborn Campaign Walkthrough}}
{{Mission|previous=He Who Rides the Tiger|next=Hellfire (ST:R)|campaign=Silent Threat: Reborn Campaign Walkthrough}}

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Silent Threat: Reborn

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Fighter squadron: 91st Phantoms

Description: The GTI begins their offensive against the Shivans. The first step is to attack a series of cargo convoys.


Special Ops from the GTD Krios are sent to interdict the retreating Shivans on their way to Ross 128 and Ikeya. Surgical strikes against supply convoys are planned, and Shivan cargo is to be taken by Terran transports.


Warning: This mission is a long one. Use time compression between two convoy waves to make it feel shorter.

The initial ingress is Alpha and Beta performing an initial fighter sweep, clean up and wait.

If you want to sit back for the first two to three minutes, listen to the dialogue, wait for your friends, and for a friendly freighter to drop mines at the jump node.

This mission doesn't require the Zeus all that much, but firepower is surely needed. The Hercules works very well also. The waves will come at the 5, 9, and 12 minute marks.

Your wingmen can take care of the fighters until you assist against the convoy craft. Pick always the one closest to the node. Use your warheads if you want to. You'll have time to reload between two waves. Expect at least one Cain with multiple freighters and transports in the area.

The two Liliths, your bonus goals, are the toughest you'll face in this mission. If you have good firepower, you'll just have enough time to get them before they reach the node.


Successfully completing this mission will earn you the Distinguished Flying Cross. However, completing the bonus goal and getting the kill on at least one Lilith will earn you the Meritorious Unit, as well as opening up the opportunity to "make up" the Distinguished Flying Cross on the next mission.