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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.

The UEFg Karuna is a fan-made Terran-designed multi-role combat frigate used by the United Earth Federation in Blue Planet. The UEF utilises this class of warship very heavily, particularly as a standard warship deployed during the war with the GTVA. While the Karuna lacks heavy-hitting long-range weaponry, it is peppered with numerous turrets to engage warships effectively at medium and close range. The Karuna also has a small fighterbay, allowing it to launch fighters and/or bombers to escort or engage targets should additional reinforcements be unavailable.


The UEFg Karuna

Blue Planet: Age of Aquarius Tech Description

The Karuna class frigate, a product of the orbital shipyards of Earth and Mars, is the backbone of the United Earth Navy. These versatile ships perform a variety of missions, including strike, escort, long range patrol and scouting. The incorporation of a launch bay for 12 light to medium fighters provides an added edge to its combat capability. It's simple but elegant design reflects its ingenuity despite the lack of advanced resources and construction facilities. The most noteworthy design concept is the utilisation of a rotating section, creating gravity for those aboard the vessel. This greatly reduces the need for power hungry gravity plating, and serves as a platform for the ships medium range sensor arrays giving them an outstanding field of view. It also acts as a centrifugal power generator that powers most of the secondary subsystems leaving the main reactors free to deliver more power to the engines, weapons and other primary subsystems. The Karuna's weapons array consists primarily of conventional pulse cannon, flak and missile batteries

Blue Planet: War in Heaven Tech Description

The Karuna class frigates are the backbone of the new Federation Navy and are the most versatile warships in the fleet. While smaller than the old Orion class destroyers, they are faster and pack a much greater punch. Armed with several point defence turrets, railguns and heavy missile batteries, they are a deadly threat to any ship that engages them in battle. Ideally suited to independent intrasystem duties, they have been instrumental in maintaining peace and order within Sol. As Solar military forces continue to move closer and closer towards a more generalised ship design, Karuna frigates are expected to serve the navy in their current capacity well into the foreseeable future.

Developer Notes

Downturreted version of Steve-O's original Hyperion frigate.

The Karuna packs so many torpedoes that it can effectively saturate a target's point defenses, leaving no beams or pulse weapons available to fire at oncoming fighters or bombers. This is part of its tactical abilities - on its own, the Karuna lacks the firepower to stand toe-to-toe with most GTVA warships of comparable or greater size.

Name Origin

Karuṇā is a Sanskrit word meaning "Compassion" or "Pity". It is one of the four main pillars of Buddhism. For Theravāda Buddhists, dwelling in karuṇā is a means for attaining a happy present life and heavenly rebirth.



Name UEFg Karuna
Type Frigate
Manufacturer Manadyne Designs
Max Velocity 40 ms-1
Hitpoints 85 000 pts
Length 1295 m
Turrets 29 turrets
Fighter Complement 12 fighters


Age of Aquarius War in Heaven
Turret Type Amount Turret Type Amount
Mass Driver#Karuna 2 Mass Driver#Karuna 2
Gauss Cannon#Karuna 5 Gauss Cannon#Karuna 5
Apocalypse#Karuna 3 Apocalypse#Karuna 3
Point Defense Turret 11 Point Defense Turret 11
Burst Flak 8 Burst Flak 8

Veteran Comments

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This ship is poetry. Its salvo turrets lend it the air of a World War II cruiser, spewing lines of tracer fire at swarming fighters. Multiple torpedo launchers and an impressive set of forward railguns give a Karuna charge all the cinematic punch of the Pegasus deathrun from Battlestar Galactica..