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Akalabeth Angel

I've been a member of HLP since 2003 though my attendance on the forum has been intermittent with multiple year long gaps. Recently I've returned and am starting to play through some of the campaigns that were released in my absence. Some of the things I've contributed to the community are below:

A campaign I made from the ground up. Designed for retail but incorporated a few 3rd party models created by other members of the community. Like anyone, I had an overly ambitious idea for the campaign but lost steam early on. I decided to release what I had done as a sort of chapter 1. There were three more chapters planned, but beyond some very preliminary work on the 2nd one I didn't have more than ideas written down. It's very doubtful I'll ever finish it.

My one and only model that I created which has actually been released to the public, with textures by Freespace King. I did a number of models, most of them relevant to the Renegade Legion universe for a potential mod. But I've lost interest in the mod though I still have the models if anyone wants them. The boys over at have made use of most of them for their own Renegade Legion mod. The Anouke is the only thing I really finished, though I did have a few more ships sketched up for FS2 I never did any work on them.

  • FS Wiki

My major contribution to the wiki was the user made ships page. I went through the various mods and added pictures and download links of pretty much every fighter, cruiser and other fleet asset I could find at the time. By now it's horribly out of date, and while I've set the page up to be aesthetically pleasing it's not easy for people to edit. Maybe one day I'll go back in to this and add some of the new ships that have since been released.

  • Potential Project

Spoon's Wings of Dawn Campaign has given me the inspiration for a similar mod of my own. I've always dabbled in creating different fictional settings since my days of table top space wargaming. If I do any modding for Freespace, it will likely be bringing my own creations and own history to the Freespace engine. Like every other project I've dabbled in, it may never get off the ground, but if any of my projects are likely to succeed it's this one. Translating other people's designs or working in other universes can be fun, but you're ultimately limited by the fiction and will never satisfy everyone. And as the great Bill Cosby says, "I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone". That and it always turns into a chore rather than a pleasure. So rather than trying to conform my story to certain universe, I'll simply create my own where there are no limits or expectations. Plus some of the work will have applications outside of the modding community so that may motivate me as well. But like any of my projects, it's very ambitious and any release would be many moons down the road. And if it ever is released the lack of brand recognition will likely serve as a barrier to many people trying or enjoying it, but as long as I enjoy working on it, the others be damned :D

Consider this project started as of Oct13/2010. We'll see how far I am in a few months (Or a few years)