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Joined the FreeSpace scene in April 2012, after I got my new HP Pavilion dv6 laptop. I typically play with either the keyboard, or my old MS SideWinder Precision Pro (though the amount of abuse I gave it during Blue Planet and Inferno will have to make me replace it soon). Other days, I would play with a normal mouse, or even a trackball mouse.

I currently write and update walkthrough pages for the Derelict and Silent Threat: Reborn campaigns.

Mods I Tried Out

  • Ancient-Shivan War: Actually a very good campaign. It's a bit challenging, but not ridiculous. I actually noticed a song from the 1994 computer game MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat that was used in it.
  • Blue Planet: Age Of Aquarius was one of the best mods I had ever played, mixing a decent story and challenge together. War in Heaven Part One made me go through a crackerjack crack of technical difficulties (thanks to the heavier graphical strains FSOpen 3.6.14 introduces which made the game crash over 50 times on capital ship-intensive or certain scripted events, and I couldn't play it without .14) and I couldn't even enjoy an ounce of the main story because of said difficulties. Federation ships were the best things I've seen so far, with the attention of detail (read: thrusters and weapon bay door animations). The only thing that bothers me is the empty cockpits. When I buy a better laptop or I don't have to deal with 3.6.14's crapshacked tendencies, I can probably give Part One much more deserved respect.
  • Casualties of War: Part 1 was okay, Part 2 has a bunch of riddled messes. Even a blinding white nebula with awful loadouts doesn't help. Practically one of the mods in which you should use the third-person view.
  • Derelict: The first mod I've tried after retail FS2.
  • The FreeSpace Port and Silent Threat: Reborn
  • Just Another Day: The Collector's Edition - Greatest parody ever, well only on the first try. I recommend you at least play the retail FreeSpace 2 campaign first.