Wounded Pride

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Inferno Nostos

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Fighter squadron: 74th Templars

Description: Bait and destroy the EACa Argus.


In high orbit above Janus, the EACv Akkad is plotting to bombard the planet's northern continent.

The 4th Fleet has decided to use the same playbook used to destroy the NTD Repulse in Epsilon Pegasi, this time with the Akkad as bait for the EACa Argus.

The GTD Ramayana will be used as the lure for the Argus, while the Reyes will move in for the kill.


You will have three four-ship wings of your choosing. Recommend switching out your Hercules Mark III for an Ereshkigal or Advanced Perseus, you'll need the range. Also, provide all fighters with at least one bank of Stilettos.

When you launch... the Akkad had been already blown to bits, courtesy of an SOC Strike Squadron. Looks like that playbook's been thrown out the window.

By the time Command confirms the SOC Orders, the Ramayana jumps in too late. Without her cruiser escort, this looks to be a disaster in the making.

Three Soter-class Missile Boats will come into the fray. Send Gamma Wing to scratch one of them, while you disarm the other two (you only have to destroy the six missile tubes. A Vulcan cannon and Hurricanes will make short work of them).

After the three Soters are out of the fight, three Aelous cruisers (the Gustavus Adolphus, Magellan and Zealot) will come to the Ramayana's defense. However, both the Argus and Mezentius have sandwiched the group. Start directing anyone with Stilettos to take out one ship's Beam Cannons while you disarm the other's. After that, start working on intercept and defend the battle group.

The Reyes will swoop in, letting the Ramayana and her group leave. Defend the Reyes at all costs. However, the Reyes will get a mystery transmission locking out her cannons and preventing it from destroying the Argus.

Once the Argus slips from the field, return to the Reyes.