33rd Heavy Fighter Squadron

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General info

Squadron type: Heavy fighter squadron
Craft used the most: GVF Tauret
Stationed on-board: GTI(?) Vega Installation or planetary base
Squadron leader: <?>

The Thirty-Third Heavy Fighter Squadron was originally formed during the Terran-Vasudan War, where it served as a training and guard unit based on Vasuda Prime. During the Great War, the Thirty-Third was sent into a trap by its commanders, who were Hammer of Light sympathizers, and wiped out by wings from the HLD Prophecy shortly before the Siege of Vasuda Prime. The Thirty-Third was reconstituted during the opening days of the NTF Rebellion to serve much the same role in the Vega system, assigned to the Vega System Defense Force. It was the only fighter unit of the Vega SDF not commited to the Battle of Capella, and was therefore the only intact fighter unit in Vega for the SD Famine Crisis; consequently it was called on to serve in most of the major actions of that campaign and distingushed itself.

Like the majority of Vasudan units, due to the great Vasudan emphasis on the importance of langauge, the 33rd has only a number, not a name; names are reserved for units that perform great feats in the service of the Imperium and GTVA.

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