64th Raptors

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Squadron type: Bomber squadron
Craft used the most: GTB Artemis
Stationed on-board: GTD Aquitaine
Squadron leader: Commander Beckett


Admiral Bosch's Neo-Terran Front was close to total defeat. The remaining NTF warships were defending the Iceni or making blockade runs to escape to the nebula beyond Gamma Draconis. These targets are to be intercepted, as many as possible. Only bomber squadrons such as the 64th Raptors could do it. The NTD Uhuru, the NTC Pax, the NTC Liberty, and the NTC Undaunted were trying to break the allied blockade, clearing the way for further NTF escapees. This attempt was brutally thwarted, the NTD Uhuru, an Orion-class destroyer was destroyed along with other cruisers.

Two new technologies assisted the 64th in this battle: the Artemis medium bomber and the Mjolnir Remote Beam Cannons. The Artemis was fast enough to face fighter escorts and engage warships at the same time.

After the battle, Allied Command intercepted a transmission, revealing the location of the Iceni. By the time the bomber pilots arrived, the Iceni had already made the jump to Gamma Draconis. The Raptors engaged the local NTF warship, the NTD Vindicator and destroyed it. Then a Vasudan corvette assisted the Raptors and destroyed more NTF vessels. The 64ths were present at the showdown: They assisted the GTCv Monitor in keeping the vicinity of the Knossos portal clear, but using sabotage, the NTF Iceni escaped.


Although the 64th is a bomber squadron, it plays a fighter role in Endgame. Furthermore, its bomber of choice becomes the Artemis only after the successful delivery of Artemis wings to the GTD Aquitaine. The previous, standard bomber class used by the 64th is likely to be the Medusa.