A-10 Black Widow

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All information related to the A-10 Black Widow is non-canon.
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A-10 Black Widow


Tech Room Description

The Black Widow is designed to take on turrets and knock them out of commission. The Black Widow is ideal for softening up the target so bombers may delivery their payloads.


  • Model and textures by Scooby_Doo

Designer's Comments



Name A-10 Black Widow
Type Attack
Yaw, Pitch, Roll 7.5 - 7.5 - 7.5 s
Max Velocity 65 (75) ms-1
Max Afterburner Velocity 165 ms-1
Max Afterburner Duration 3600 s
Hitpoints 1800 pts
Shields 1600 pts
Length 21.06 m
Width 22.77 m
Height 5.85 m
Primary weapons
1st bank 4 guns
2nd bank 4 guns
Secondary weapons
1st bank capacity 40
2nd bank capacity 60
3rd bank capacity 40
Countermeasure capacity 30 countermeasures
Turrets 1 turrets


Default Statistics
Bank Guns Capacity Standard Loadout
1st 4 Plasma
2nd 4 Particle
Compatible Primaries
1st Plasma
2nd Particle
Default Statistics
Bank Capacity Standard Loadout
1st 40 Spiculum IR
2nd 60 ELRHARM
3rd 40 Lance Torpedo
Compatible Secondaries
1st Javelin HS, Dart Dumbfire, Spiculum IR, Pilum FF, ELRHARM
2nd Javelin HS, Dart Dumbfire, Spiculum IR, Pilum FF, ELRHARM
3rd Lance Torpedo, ELRHARM
Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
Advanced Laser Turret 1


Modding Resources

$POF File: TCFA-BlackWidow.pof
Texture list: confed_details_1;confed_details_2;TCFS_Black_Widow_1;TCFS_Black_Widow_2

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