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All information related to the AC Iraklion is non-canon.
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The AC Iraklion


Tech Room Description

The mighty Iraklion enfroncer is the most powerfull class of cruiser ever deployed by the Ancients. Unlike Heraklion and Malia classes, the Iraklion is equipped with three primary pulse cannons, providing significant push against cruiser and corvette sized targets. Additionally, the Heraklion is able to successfully defent itself from bomber strikes with lots of poinr-defence turrets. Three independent engine subsystem makes the cruiser almost invulnerable for disabling. Exact specification of Iraklion is still debatable. We are also unsure about age of the Iraklion. It seems to be designed after defeat of the Lucifer, to ensure peace in outer systems of the Ancients, and be backbone of their Eradication Fleets alongside with Chryssi-class destroyers and Mochlos corvettes.


  • Model and Texture by Nyctaeus

Designer's Comments



Width 132.12 m
Height 137.11 m
Length 421.30 m
Turrets 19


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
Ancient Cannon#SHORT 3
Ancient Light Turret 8
Pharnec 8


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Based on the VEC Joh.

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