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All information related to the AD Achladia is non-canon.
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The AD Achladia is a user-made Ancient warship. The original model was taken from one of Aldo's modeldumps, and readied for in-game usage by the Ancient-Shivan War team. This original version has also been reskinned as a Vasudan warship, the GVD Hathor. For the 3.6.12 release of the Ancient-Shivan War, the model has gone through a major update.

The AD Achladia.
The GVD Hator, a Vasudan reskin by BW


Ancient-Shivan War Tech Room Description

The Achladia destroyers are among our most advanced warships to date, fulfilling the will of the Core and the Elders. It only recently came into service, so opinions whether for or against full-scale fleet integration are still in debate. It carries heavier armour and firepower than the older Pylos. It also has the ability to carry and protect our fighters and bombers, which provides mobility for any fleet. It has been optimized for fighting on the defensive, with our heavy cannons placed in well-situated positions. Combined with the offensive capabilities of the Odigitria, the Achladia will ensure the future of our race for generations and even centuries to come.

GVD Hathor Tech Room Description

The GVD Hathor is the spiritual successor to the veteran Typhon class destroyers, and continues the Vasudan tradition of excellence in capital ship design. The Hathor has 25 weapon emplacements and mounts no fewer than nine heavy photon beam cannons - the most of any allied ship save the Colossus - and is capable of going toe-to-toe with any known Terran, Vasudan or Shivan vessel in its class. Moreover, the Hathor is the first destroyer to be designed from the ground up to integrate solely with modern weapons systems, and bristles with flak and anti-fighter beam weaponry. Its only true weakness is its capacity - with room for only sixteen fighter and bomber wings in its hangar bays, the Hathor is unlikely to replace the Hatshepsut as the Vasudan Navy's primary carrier vessel any time soon.


  • Original model by Aldo
  • Upgrade and conversion by the Ancient-Shivan War team
  • GVD Hator retexture and Table by Black Wolf



Name AD Achladia
Yaw, Pitch, Roll 150 - 150 - 150 s
Max Velocity 25 (45) ms-1
Hitpoints 110000 pts
Length 2360.04 m
Width 1345.04 m
Height 682.33 m
Turrets 25 turrets
Fighterbays 1

Name GVD Hathor
Yaw, Pitch, Roll 80 - 80 - 80 s
Max Velocity 30 (45) ms-1
Hitpoints 140000 pts
Length 2349.02 m
Width 1624.97 m
Height 843.12 m
Turrets 25 turrets
Fighterbays 1


  • AD Achladia
Ancient-Shivan War
Turret Type Amount
Ancient Cannon 5
Ancient Medium Turret 10
Ancient Light Turret 10

  • GVD Hator
Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
BVas 2
SVas 6
AAAf 8
Standard Flak 6
Fusion Mortar 2
VSlash 1


Modding Resources

$POF File: Achladia.pof
Texture list: GateA2;damage;Acap01;Acap04;gatea1;gatea3;acap05;AExhaust;blueline;AT1g
$POF File: Hathor.pof
Texture list: capital03-03a;CapVtile3A;capital03-01r;capital03-04a;capital03-03a;capital03-02a;capital03-05a;damage

Veteran Comments

Please read the Veteran Comments policy before editing this section.

A very potent destroyer. I actually found it as much better design then it's sister class of destroyers - AD Odigitria. Achladia has more hitpoints then Orion and Hecate and lots of anti-fighter turrets provide significant assistance at taking down incoming bombs. Ancient-Shivan War, it's parent mod demonstrated sufficient hangarbay capacity so the destroyer can effectively defend itself against both strikecraft and smaller capitalships. Achladia is a lot like Ancient Hecate, but unlike Hecate, Achladia's main cannons are effectively distributed on the hull allowing her to focus 3 of them on single target if positioned correctly. Altough Achladia is inferior to Odigitria in terms of spinal firepower, she is overally a way better balanced warship capable of engaging multiple targets and fulfill great variety of different tasks.

Original design was supposed to be vasudan capitalship. Black Wolf reskinned first iteration of Achladia to become heavy vasudan destroyer.

The Hathor's heaviest weapons are its two BVas, which aim forward. Most of the rest of its anti-cap beams are SVases, and are oriented in various different directions, making it much more suited to fighting multiple small targets than a single large one. That said, it's still quite potent one on one, capable of facing down even heavy hitters like the Orion, and easily dispatching its main Vasudan rival, the Hatshepsut.

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