A Monster in the Mist

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Fighter squadron: 203rd Scorpions

Description: Alpha 1 of the 203rd is ordered to do a stealth reconnaissance of the Shivan juggernaut Sathanas.


The Galactic Terran-Vasudan Intelligence branch of the GTVA has requested data regarding the Weapons, Navigation, Sensors, Communications, and if possible, the strength of some of the turret subsystems of the Sathanas Juggernaut. To do this, the GVD Psamtik is sending in Alpha 1 of the 203rd in a new Ptah-class stealth fighter. The GVCv Maahes and a wing of Serapis fighters will provide a diversion while Alpha 1 completes his mission.


When it comes to the loadout in this mission, definitely take the SDG and Tempest, that way you'll be able to fulfill the bonus objective: taking out a turret on the Sathanas.

To scan the subsystems of the Sathanas, press S (default key) to cycle through the subsystems, keep the subsystem's lead indicator in your HUD, then close in to about 500 meters. An easy way to do this mission is to start out with Weapons, then loop around to Sensors, then tackle Navigation, and then Communications; Communications is probably the hardest as it isn't actually on the Sathanas' hull, but in between two extrusions. Don't try and scan from behind, start in front and above. The guys at Volition did everything to place the subsystems of this ship in hard-to-reach places, so try to keep your reticle (aiming crosshair) in the middle of the subsystem. The juggernaut is moving, making your day harder. If a fighter attacks you try to avoid it, they don't usually give a very good chase.

When the scanning procedure starts, try to slow down as much as you can. This one needs experience in scanning, you have to know the subsystem handling system of FreeSpace well. The average scanning time is 5 seconds, and the scanning procedure starts when you are at most 500 meters of the subsystem. If the subsystem's lead indicator runs out of your reticle, the scan will fail. Try to brake sooner, before you get within 500 meters. It helps because the subsystem remains in your reticle further if you are moving slower.

If you decide to take the bonus objective, avoid firing at the main beam turrets, instead, focus on an anti-fighter or flak turret, but don't fire from above. Fire from the side where you are less likely to get smoked, and fire with both the Akheton SDG and Tempests.


(Objectives are viewable by pressing F4 and going to the Objectives tab)

  • Primary Objectives:
    • Scan Nav, Comm, Weapons, and Sensors
  • Bonus Objectives:
    • Destroy at least one turret


You will obtain a Medal of Valor for scanning all 4 subsystems, and warping out while the Maahes is still alive.


  • Expect the Sathanas to open fire on you occasionally. The juggernaut doubles up as a poor man's AWACS, meaning that it can detect your ship's signature at infrequent intervals, making it temporarily visible to nearby Shivan fighters.


  • There may be a possible inconsistency with the mission brief of this mission, the dialogue in-mission, and the actual mission itself. In the mission brief and in-mission dialogue, it is clearly stated that, in order to scan a subsystem, you must close to within 150 meters. However, in the mission itself, the scan cycles starts, and can be completed at most 500 meters from the designated subsystem.

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Technical information

A Monster in the Mist
File name: SM2-08.fs2
File size: 52.6 KB
Author: Brad Johnson
Total number of objects: 27 (+2 waypoints)
Total number of wings: 7
Number of mission events: 31
Number of messages: 23
Event music: 7: Revelation
Briefing music: Brief1