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Celestial Information

  • Name, meaning and Constellation: Epsilon Canis Maioris, Canis Maior. It comes from the Arabic word عذارى ‘aðāra’ meaning virgins.
  • Other name(s) and meaning: Adara (same meaning as Adhara), Adharaz, Undara, Undara, 弧矢七 ( Chinese for the Seventh Star of the Bow and Arrow).
  • Distance from Sol: 430.863 ly, 132.100 pc
  • Type of System: Binary
  • Spectral Class: B2-Blue Supergiant, B2-Blue Main Sequence
  • Right Ascension: 6h 58m 37.549s
  • Declination: -28° 58' 19.501"

Important Events

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