Aftermath (CE)

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Aftermath is a post-Great War campaign, part of the Cold Element universe.

The FSCRP has released an upgrade of this campaign.


Cold Element team

IceFire - Lead Designer

WildWolf - Designer

Plasma - Editor, Tester

Zeus Legion - Editor

Coj (Ed Finkler) - Briefing Music Composer

Ace - Tester

Orange - Tester

Mods: EAF Stentor as GTF Valkyrie Mk II

Missions: 19 missions in 5 episodes


Episode 1: Containment

Command desperately attempts to contain the plague in the Epsilon Pegasi system. A quarantine is placed upon the system and the pilots on board the GTI special operations destroyer GTD Ark Royal are tasked with keeping the quarantine. At all costs.

Episode 2: Evidence

In an attempt to learn more about the plague and its origins. The Ark Royal is assigned back to Beta Aquilae in an investigation to find the people responsible. But the investigation takes a deeper twist and the Ark Royals pilots find themselves knee deep in trouble.

Episode 3: The Search

With the evidence of a wide-scale cover-up by former GTI operatives, the Ark Royals mission has become something more. To find a cure they must track down the individuals responsible and finding a cure to the plague. Even if it requires stealing technology from the Shivans.

Episode 4: Parabola

With the cure in hand and the scientists working down the time till they can successfully release the cure apon the inhabitants of the Epsilon Pegasi system. Unfortunately, Colonel Valaris and his renegade GTI operatives have other plans.



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