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The following information refers to the Solaris universe and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace continuity.

'For Crown and Country.'

The Alban Commonwealth is one of the Great Powers.

Fortune and foresight secured Commonwealth power. The capital system of Alba is the nexus of a densely populated hyperspace network, with extensive trading lanes established rapidly after the system was colonised. The Commonwealth's economy almost exclusively relies on trade, with Alban corporations maintaining some of the largest merchant navies in the galaxy.

During the final stages of the Great War, the Commonwealth took advantage of a unique opportunity to offer its services at mediation. In a diplomatic triumph, the Commonwealth arbitrated terms that satisfied both the Federation's territorial demands and the Combine's need to save face to its citizens. In 2236, the Alban Commonwealth chaired a conference attended by representatives from every independent star nation to draft the Miranda Accord. The prestige secured the recognition of the Commonwealth as a Great Power. Though not the military or industrial equal of the Federation or Combine, the Commonwealth still commands substantial economic and cultural power.

The Commonwealth is a constitutional monarchy ruled by the youthful Edward Wynson, a perspicacious and well-loved sovereign. Rumours circulate regarding House Wynson's ability to read and influence people, a trait shared by each generation of Wynson monarchs. This ability has taken on an almost mystical status from various embellishments over time.

Commonwealth military strengths lie in research and development, personnel training and naval intelligence. His Majesty's Navy is the smallest of the three Great Powers but emphasis on these strengths goes some way to offset the disadvantage in tonnage