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Status: Demo released, project abandoned

Demo Features: One in-game cutscene, six playable missions and two new planets created by Rodo.

Mods: Rodo's Planets (Contained in demo *.VP file)


  • Blue Lion
  • tinfoil
  • FreeSpaceFreak
  • McMad
  • Droid803
  • Rodo
  • rbxplayer
  • nuclear1
  • Dilmah G
  • andicirk


As a pilot stationed in Sirius, you struggle to survive as the new NTF rebellion takes over Sirius. You battle pilots and ships that were your wingmates a mere days before. With the help from Alpha Centauri and Deneb you fight to rid Sirius of traitors, but the odds are not in your favor.

Player Comments

The Demo is solid. Nothing unusual, but thoroughly enjoyable. Some cool planet backgrounds.