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I am a university student.

I live somewhere in Canada. I think it was somewhere near the West Coast.

I am Chinese by ethnicity.


I hate chocolate, nuts, and anything that is deep fried or sweet.

I love salty things, especially chicken (when its not fried) and eggs.

I like to watch Anime.

I have been fried trying to disarm a SD Demon's LRed more than once.

FreeSpace Stuff

I came upon FreeSpace through a variety of methods. The first time I saw the game mentioned was when a member of the Star Wars: Empire at War / Forces of Corruption community mentioned something about making a FreeSpace mod. I followed a link to Wikipedia and read a little about what game it was. Since I was mostly interested in RTS games, and because I did not know of FSO, I simply read the summary. For some reason, I kept imagining that the SD Lucifer somehow looked like a Vaygr battlecruiser from Homeworld 2. Don't ask me why, I do not know. Actually, I though the entire game was more or less a space sim version of Homeworld. Strange, yes.

A few months later, I followed a link to a free RTS/RTT game called Battleships Forever. While browsing the forums there, I came across a thread from a person looking for free space-faring games. One of the suggestions was FreeSpace. Someone (I think it was TrashMan), posted a few screenshots with full graphical enhancements. Needless to say, I was impressed. Even more so at the fact it was free. I browsed around this Wiki for a while, looking at the ship classes, etc. However, finding a way to install FSO nearly proved beyond me. I was lucky to stumble upon Turey's installer. Then it took me a while to find the MediaVPs graphical enhancements. I didn't download them with the installer because I had no idea what they were. Not until extensive lurking did I ever find out how to get them.

Then the bugged SD Ravana model bit me in the ass the first time I played Slaying Ravana. But that's a different story.

Personal Projects

I've mostly been working all by myself on personal projects mod projects...I'm a loner.

Completed Projects

Tides of Darkness: Exile

See also: Tides of Darkness

"The Sathanas fleet has been trapped in Gamma Draconis and Capella for years, cut off from the rest of the Shivans. As the Red Hand Heretics, an anti-Terran cult, make their move, the exiled Terrans that escaped death by fleeing to Gamma Draconis are pulled along into the conflict."

Mods included: Shivan Ships and Weapons, Player-flyable Shivan Craft

Number of Missions: 12

Basic Info: A Shivan civil war campaign in which the 'Neo Terran Shivan Dominion' faces off against the 'Red Hand Heresy', a Shivan faction that is anti-Terran. Revolves around Terrans who fled from Capella to Gamma Draconis and were picked up by Bosch and his Shivan allies and how this civil war parodies the NTF rebellion. Or at least would have if I didn't change the story partway through.

Status: Released

Dawn of Sol

"Cold war simmers in the Sol system. Little do they know that they are on the threshold of revolution. The Dawn of Sol is coming."

Mods included: Various, Including Interface

Number of Missions: 25

Basic Info: A prequel to ShadowGorrath's 'End War'. Chronicles the events occurring in Sol at the same time as the main FS2 campaign, and the rise of the Sol government therein.

Status: Released

次元のエクリプス - Dimensional Eclipse

See also: Dimensional Eclipse

"Also known as Ashen Wings: The Shadow Ops, also known as loliquest. The announcement for the announcement for this campaign was announced on April fools day. This is totally legit."

Mods included: Total Conversion

Number of Missions: 28 (21 per route)

Basic Info: An anime-inspired high-manoeuvrability mod, where all fighters have glide/sidethrust/reverse AB, and can move around at around 300m/s and capital warships move at over 100m/s. Set in an "original" universe, or as original as you can get by actively attempting to copy a few massive cliches.

Status: Released

Active Projects

Inactive Projects

Inferno: Remix

"A remix of Inferno R1, featuring different high-detail ship models and maps, as well as enhanced weapons effects. Relive the classic Inferno campaign from a newer perspective."

Mods included: StratComm's Fleet Pack, Various

Number of Missions: 15

Basic Info: Essentially the Inferno R1 campaign redone will all-new ships Terran, Vasudan, and Shivan ships. EA ships remain the same, but have been glowpointed and have maps improved. The missions themselves remain largely the same and play similarly. Dropped due to lack of motivation for bugfixing (all missions completed), production passed on to ShadowGorrath - I have no idea what he intends to do with it.

Status: Dropped, production passed to ShadowGorrath, probably dropped again. Now defunct due to the upcoming Inferno: Nostos.


"If at first you fail, you better fix the god damn mess you made."

Mods included: Basically the same

Number of Missions: LESS THAN 25

Basic Info: NOT all fleet action escort missions involving multiple bomb intercept, OK?

Status: ???

Project Outreach


"When the Great Destroyers came for us again, we weren't ready the civil war had only ended months earlier. They brought with them another Lucifer, and they finished the job they started over thirty years ago. We could do nothing but watch as they rained fire on our planet, something we had had done to those of our own species only months earlier. We could do nothing but run...

...and so we hurled ourselves into the void of space, not out of fear, but out of determination. We carve a path through the stars in search a new home. We leave behind this message for if anyone ever returns to this place in search of us, to tell that though we fled, we will fight, we will adapt, and we will survive. We leave you this message to tell you that we are still alive; to tell you that if you if you seek the truth behind the Great Destroyers, that we have answers; and to tell you that we are waiting."

Recording at Beacon #17, Sol

Mods included: ???

Number of Missions: ???

Basic Info: Dual Point of View Campaign

Status: Project Dumped

Tides of Darkness 2

"After the destruction of the Red Hand, their subspace portal activated, and from it emerged something the Shivans had dreaded to see. A Negator warship. While it was swiftly neutralized by NTSI forces working in tandem with the Third Armada, its arrival sent shockwaves rippling through the echelons of Terran and Shivan society. The tide of darkness its reaching is highest, and from the sea of the netherworld the Negators emerge."

Mods included: Additional Shivan and Negator Ships

Number of Missions: ~15

Basic Info: The sequel to Tides of Darkness: Exile. Chronicles the story of the NTSI strike fleet sent to investigate the systems beyond the Shivan Knossos.

Status: Idea Vacuum, no plot, no progress. Needs major overhaul to be up-to-date. Not sure if its even worth it.

Other Campaigns I'm Involved In

More or less, at least. Sometimes I just shit around and do nothing. Other times I'm a leech. Rarely, I'm productive! Likely because of this, over half the projects I'm on have died. Which one's next?

The Stuff I Do

  • Run into FSO engine bugs every time I open FRED
  • Lazily FRED gimmick-of-the-week missions with no real depth
  • Build open and non-manifold medium-poly models
  • Make debris segments by subtract-booleaning spheres into the hull
  • Convert them lazily by adding most things in PCS2
  • Make barely-better than automatic unwrap UVmaps
  • Make bland textures which consist of colorization over a stock metal texture background (and warning stripes)
  • Make kitbash abominations from other people's hard work
  • Write flat and cliche characters in an uninspired storyline
  • Steal sprites and music (amongst other things) from copyrighted sources
  • Hate on random things without good reason
  • Be a terrible person

Models Produced

(Conversion-only not listed)