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Celestial Information

  • Name, meaning and Constellation: Alpha Tauri, Taurus. The name comes from the Arabic (الدبران al-dabarān) meaning the follower.
  • Other name(s) and meaning: Satvis and Kugard (Persian names), 畢宿五 (Bìxiùwŭ, Chinese for the Fifth Star of the Net), Hant Caalajc Ipápjö, Queeto, and Azoj Yeen oo Caap (names used by the Seris in Mexico, the last one means star that goes ahead), Parilicium, Cor Tauri (Latin for heart of the Bull), Paliliya.
  • Distance from Sol: 65.115 ly, 19.964 pc
  • Type of System: Quarternary
  • Spectral Class: K5-Orange Giant, M2-Red Dwarf, combined Red Dwarfs
  • Right Ascension: 4h 35m 55.239s
  • Declination: +16° 30' 33.485"

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