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All information related to the Artemis (WCS) is non-canon.
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Artemis (WCS)


Tech Room Description

A long range, high speed craft popular with civilian and privateers alike, the Artemis was adapted by ConFleet to serve as a fast courier ship. Its swift speed and large fuel capacity gives it the endurance to jump across multiple systems without refueling. Even though it's lightly armed, its poor maneuverability and armor makes it an inadequate dogfighter. Naturally, the Artemis has onboard living facilities to accommodate the courier crew in their long journeys.


  • Wing Commander Saga team

Designer's Comments



Name Artemis
Yaw, Pitch, Roll 12 - 18 - 18 s
Max Velocity 50.52 (50.52) ms-1
Hitpoints 500 pts
Shields 700 pts
Length 55.57 m
Width 35.63 m
Height 16.58 m


Modding Resources

$POF File: tcs_artemis.pof
Texture list: confed_details_1;confed_details_2;tcs_artemis;debris_1;confed_wreckage

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