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Asteroid Base in WoD
Asteroid Base in WCS


WCS Tech Room Description

These covert bases have been carved out of larger asteroids to serve as supply bases and advance forward bases for Kilrathi raiders. They have docking facilities to accommodate a single capital ship and a hangar bay to hold up to three squadrons of fighters. Even though they have little to no shielding, the natural rock of the asteroid gives more than adequate armor protection.


Designer's Comments



Name Asteroid Base (WoD)
Yaw, Pitch, Roll 200 - 200 - 200 s
Hitpoints 50000 pts
Length 369.74 m
Width 616.9 m
Height 465.67 m

Name Asteroid Base (WCS)
Yaw, Pitch, Roll 200 - 200 - 200 s
Hitpoints 100000 pts
Shields 15000 pts
Length 806.5 m
Width 1296.84 m
Height 1144.51 m
Fighterbays 2

Modding Resources

  • WoD
$POF File: Asteroidbase.pof
Texture list: AsteroidBase;astmassiverock1;Asteroidbase_1;Asteroidbase_2;damage
  • WCS
$POF File: kb_asteroid_base.pof
Texture list: kilrathi_details_2;kilrathi_details_1;debris_1;kilrathi_hangar_1;kis_asteriodbase1;kis_asteriodbase2;kis_asteriodbase3;kis_asteriodbase4;kis_asteriodbase5;kis_asteriodbase6;asteroid_huge_01;kilrathi_wreckage


Veteran Comments

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Contrary to the appearances, the WoD version of this model doesn't sport fighterbays, but an actual flyable interior that contains a reactor submodel.

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