Atlantean Federation

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The following information refers to the Solaris universe and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace continuity.

'Liberty. Independence. Justice.'

The Atlantean Federation is a Great Power.

The Federation came into being as a military alliance of nation states to provide mutual defense against the authoritarian Combine. Mindful of the threat the monolithic Sol government represented, member states of the Atlantean Federation swiftly passed a constitution guaranteeing the political freedoms and autonomy of its systems.

A mosaic of varying cultures and political beliefs, the Federation covers a vast territory that includes several resource-rich systems. These critical resources helped support a massive wartime armament investment during the Great War. The fledgling alliance came out of the conflict with significant territorial and economic gains, overtaking every other rival to become the pre-eminent power in Terran space. However, the Federation strains under the tension of balancing member systems economic and political autonomy with the need for a centralised government to efficiently manage an increasingly hungry military budget.

The Federation has the largest military by tonnage of the Terran powers. A significant military industrial complex powers the Federation economy.