Back From the Grave

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  • Ngtm1r: Storyline, FREDding, playtesting, table hacking.

Mods included:

  • Chapter 1: MadBomber's upgunned Aten (Aten Mark II), c914's GTD Sirona, Hamano's GTC Ticondroga, Inferno R1 Ancients ships, various table hacks, various TBD.

Number of Missions: TBD


Five years have passed since Capella. The GTVA is back on its feet again, the recovery and rebuilding has gone well despite the upheavals that took place immediately after the Second Shivan Invasion.

Still with the 33rd "Vengence" Heavy Fighter Squadron, you have just received a transfer to the brand-new GTVD Unity and Battlegroup One, the first integrated GTVA fleet unit. New ships and new weapons have entered service. And just in time...

From a node in Vega thought collapsed have issued ships, ships that resemble what those of the Ancients looked like. Yet the Ancients were wiped out by the Shivans 8000 years ago. Are these some lost branch of the race, or merely imposters using their technology? Where have the come from? Why do they attack the GTVA unprovoked and show no mercy?

From where you sit in your cockpit, such questions are secondary. Your nation is attacked. You will drive these invaders out and pursue them wherever they may flee...and it may take you somewhere you do not expect...