Beating the briefing icon bug of FRED Open

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Newest FRED_Open versions have a bug which prevents people from making briefing icons appear on the briefing screen. Some people get discouraged by this bug when making briefing icons, but it is not hard to work around it. This is one possible method of avoiding difficulties: Zoom out until all the ships you want the briefing to display are on the screen. Enter the briefing editor (SHIFT-B), then double-click on the briefing screen to enlarge the display. Switch to Select mode instead of Move mode by clicking on the cursor icon on the main FRED toolbox (the very first icon). Switching to Select tool will prevent you from moving ships away unintentionally since you will have to use the rectangle selection method. Select the ship you want to have displayed as an icon and switch to the briefing editor. Click on Make Icon. That will make the icon itself, which you cannot see due to the bug in question. Click anywhere on the briefing display, preferably not on any ship or in the vicinity of the icon you have just made. That will deselect the icon, but you will have to select the icon again so you could move it: Using the rectangle selection method in the briefing display is to be used again. It will only select the _icon_ itself, not the ship. You can move or edit its properties at your discretion. To move it, switch to Move mode and press the spacebar. Tap the left button of your mouse and move the cursor to the position you want to move the icon. You will notice a 'Briefing icon' text which will help you find your way around where your icons are placed.