Blue Planet Vasudan ship database

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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.
Blue Planet Ship Database

Blue Planet: War in Heaven


GVA Tabia


GVL Pesedjet

  • GVL Tawaret class logistics vessel
    • CO: Captain Apries
  • Actions:
    • Deployed to Sol system sometime before What Binds Us (bp2-11)
    • Attacked by Gaian Effort fighters during navigational adjustment just before What Binds Us (bp2-11)
    • Boarded by Gaian Effort boarding party
    • Rescued by UEFg Indus in What Binds Us (bp2-11)
    • Sustained heavy damage to fuel processors and reactor containment
    • Aided by medical team from UET Littman
    • Aided by engineering team from GTT Sampson
    • Participated in temporary truce between GTCv Arethusa and UEFg Indus
    • Transmitted mysterious transmission to Noemi Laporte
      • Contents: Noemi Laporte: this is a gift from the enemies of your enemy. You will know when you need it. <encrypted datafile attached>


GVC Heket

GVC Ogdoad


GVD Shepseskaf

  • GVD Hatshepsut class destroyer
    • CO: Admiral Recamai
  • Ship of the Vasudan Medjai
  • Actions:
    • Deployed to Sol system sometime before One Perfect Moment (bp2-12)
    • Deployed to Eris Base to end negotiation in Deals in Shadows (bp2-13)
    • Attacked by Gaian Effort fighters
    • Withdrew to Neptune* before capture could be completed
    • Seen* near Neptune with several attendant ships in Sunglare (bp2-16)