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Fighter squadron: Not known

Description: Battle two EA cruisers as they try to make their way into Beta Aquilae.


It has been 8 months since the start of the civil war between the GTVA and the Earth Alliance, which started when the EA captured Sol Gate, the Terran-built Knossos device linking Delta Serpentis and Sol immediately after the jump node reopened. The EA has then moved on to capture the entirety of Delta Serpentis as well as Ross 128. The GTVA 4th fleet, led by the GTCa Independence now mounts a counteroffensive to recapture the GTVA systems lost to the EA in the opening months of the war, but first, the EA's incursion into Beta Aquilae must be dealt with.


This is a fairly straightforward and simple mission. The Carolina, a Phobos-class corvette, is quite adept at fending off hostile fighters and bombers, and easily outmatches the two Earth Alliance Eclipse-class cruisers.

Simply stick close to the Carolina and prioritize the enemy Peregrine bombers and their bombs when they get close. The Carolina can easily deal with the Redavi and Riolin without any assistance.

Once both EA cruisers have been destroyed, the GTD Aquitaine will jump in and you will be cleared to return to base.


It is unknown if the Aquitaine depicted in this mission is intended to be the same GTD Aquitaine in the main FreeSpace 2 campaign, as the one in this mission is an Icelus-class and not a Hecate-class. However, Icelus-class destroyers appear to be based on Hecate-class destroyers, and it may be that the Aquitaine was re-constructed to Icelus-class specification.

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