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Wings of Dawn Tech Room Description

The Burst cannon was weapon designed to be mounted on capital ships for purposes of point defense against hostile fighters. In many ways, it was an upscaled version of the fighter-mounted 'Reaper' cannon, as it was introduced at the same time and also retired in NC0052. It held the same advantages of the 'Reaper' cannon, but the size of capital ships allowed for plentiful amounts of space for ammunition to be stored.



Range 5000 m
Rate of Fire 4 shots per second
Velocity 450 ms-1
Base Damage 15
Armor Damage 1.0x 15
Shield Damage 1.1x 16.5
Subsystem Damage 0.3x 4.5


  • Weapon fires in bursts of 8 shots in one second, every 2 seconds.
  • Weapon fires into a firing cone instead of direct firing line thus causing light inaccuracy. (FOF)

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