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All information related to the CCF Minsk is non-canon.
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CCF Minsk


158th Tech Room Description

The Minsk is the Colonial answer to the Lethe, surprisingly fast and incredibly maneuverable, the Minsk has a secondary carrying capacity of up to eight Fastreach missiles. The fighter's guns are mounted so as to increase the firing rate by cycling though its three separate gun mounts. These fighters are as deadly in the air as they are in space and should be dealt with swiftly if at all possible.

Credits List

  • Model by Mikhael
  • Textures by LtNarol
  • Conversion help from Spicious



Name CCF Minsk
Type Aerospace Superiority
Manufacturer Mars Industries
Maneuverability Excellent
Max Velocity 75 - 95 ms-1
Max Afterburner Velocity 125 ms-1
Max Afterburner Duration 4 s
Armor Medium
Hitpoints 125 pts
Length 17.44 m
Width 17.44 m
Height 4.25 m
Primary weapons
1st bank 3 guns
Secondary weapons
1st bank capacity 64
Countermeasure capacity 30 countermeasures


CCF Minsk variant
Default Statistics
Bank Guns Standard Loadout
1st 3 Turner KL-11
Compatible Primaries
Turner KL-11, LUN, 50-Caliber
Default Statistics
Bank Capacity Standard Loadout
1st 64 Fastreach
Compatible Secondaries


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