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All information related to the CI Haven is non-canon.
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CI Haven


Tech Room Description

The Haven class civilian installation, while not as big as an Arcadia, can be found throughout the Alliance systems. Serving for trade, repair, re-supply and habitation, there is always bound to be traffic near one. Although lightly armed, it does have 3 fighterbays from which it can deploy its security fighters.


  • Model by Trashman



Type Installation
Manufacturer Unknown
Maneuverability N/A
Max Velocity N/A
Max Afterburner Velocity N/A
Armor N/A
Hitpoints 65 000
Shields N/A
Width 1321 m
Height 681 m
Length 1405 m


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
Terran Medium Turret 2
Terran Turret 11
FighterKiller 2

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