Children of Renewal

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The following information refers to the Solaris universe and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace continuity.

The frontiers of Terran Space are a region of intense religious activity. The absence of established institutions and an overwhelmingly practical worldview in a hardscrabble existence divested traditional religious organisations of authority. Ad-hoc spirituality took hold in the region, democratising religion and legitimised individual spiritual expression. Hardship and strong community ties formed the basis of this egalitarian landscape.

In the fertile ground of the Fringe, the Children of Renewal found a people primed to receive their message. The Renewal emphasis on the individual ability of a person to effect his or her own salvation resonated greatly. The message of charity and emphasis on personal development was especially popular with wealthy investors in the Federation, which provided finance for several major projects for expansion in the Fringe.

The Children of Renewal believe in salvation through charity and have several outreach programs throughout the Fringe. Flotillas of repair ships and supply transports crewed by volunteers are deployed to areas of need, all in the name of the Lord. A core belief of the Renewal is that the most important work is often the most difficult, which means Renewal ships are often found in disaster zones and contested regions thought too dangeorus for other organisations to operate.