Clipper-class Attack Craft

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All information related to the Clipper-class Attack Craft is non-canon.
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Clipper-class Attack Craft


Tech Room Description

Combine attack craft armed with heavy cannons for anti-ship strikes. Fast and highly mobile, a significant threat to any hostile warship. A micro-hyperdrive allows for short-range jumps but requires a host ship for intersystem travel.

-General Characteristics:

---Primary Function: Light Attack Craft

---Length: 73m

---Max Speed: 160m/s

---Armament: 2x Heavy Cannon


Designer's Comments



Name Clipper-class Attack Craft
Yaw, Pitch, Roll 6.5 - 6.5 - 6 s
Max Velocity 50 - 50 - 120 (120) ms-1
Max Afterburner Velocity 60.0 - 60.0 - 160.0 ms-1
Max Afterburner Duration 20 s
Hitpoints 9050 pts
Length 64.69 m
Width 55.96 m
Height 19.47 m
Primary weapons
1st bank 2 guns


Default Statistics
Bank Guns Capacity Standard Loadout
1st 2 1000 Firestorm
Compatible Primaries

Modding Resources

$POF File: clipper.pof
Texture list: clipper;clipperturret;Thruster_Col_Main


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