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Alpha and Beta wings are sent to eliminate a lightly defended Shivan cruiser.

The Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance is continuing its exploration of the nebula beyond Gamma Draconis. Our primary objective is to locate and neutralize all Shivan forces in the immediate vicinity. No system in the GTVA will be safe until we secure the nebula.
At 1350 hours, a GTVA scouting force encountered a Shivan cruiser, designated the Ahriman, and its escort of Mara fighters. A skirmish ensued. The Ahriman was damaged, but a fierce counterattack from its supporting fighters forced our scouts to withdraw with heavy losses.
Your mission is to lead a flight from the 3rd Battle Group to finish the job. Destroy the Ahriman and its escort and get your flight back in one piece. Move fast, before they jump out or deploy reinforcements.
You will command wings Alpha and Beta in this attack. Alpha will fly the Hercules Mark II heavy assault fighter while Beta provides bomber support. Delta and Theta are standing by. Call them in if you need help. Destroy the Ahriman's escort, then take down the cruiser. Good luck, pilot!


Call in reinforcements early on, since you will not be notably reprimanded by Command for using additional resources. Just focus on taking out any fighters. Your wingmen are perfectly capable of eliminating the cruisers. You just engage the fighters, while bombers would do a fine job.

At the first "mission end", you are told to return to base or continue your patrol.

If you stay in the field, a wing of enemy fighters will come in momentarily. If you have called in reinforcements dispatching them will be easy. Another cruiser, the SC Berich will jump in soon. Destroying it enables you to fly the GTF Perseus in the next mission.


Please note that the mission is more or less fail safe. If the initial bomber wing -- Beta -- is decimated, Command will send in a second wing of bombers. There are six (!) friendly wings all in all. It is very difficult to fail this mission. If you don't manage to get yourself killed, you will pass. If you feel very cheap, you can call in all available reinforcements at the beginning and blast of into the void in any direction. Your wingmen can take care of the mission all by themselves; another self-play mission. There are even more of these in the retail campaigns.

Notable Ships Present