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Crucible is a seven-mission campaign for Descent: FreeSpace.


Author: Matthew Guenther

Originally posted: 10/04/98

Mods: none

Missions: 7


This campaign centers around the actions of the GTD Intrepid after the defeat of the Lucifer at Sol. The Intrepid is assigned a mission to penetrate enemy lines in order to buy time for the Terran-Vasudan alliance to regroup.

New ships:none


The campaign is unique in that it is one of the extremely few non-SCP campaigns to use multiple ship docking. This was achieved through editing the mission in a text editor.


The campaign is still available from the Volitionwatch Archives. However, the Volitionwatch Archives are not being maintained anymore, so it is just a matter of time before the below link stops functioning.

This campaign, uniquely, is fully branching -- there is no need to ever hit the replay button regardless of what happens in a given mission. Originally created by Matthew Guenther in 1998, it has been converted and brought up to the latest graphics standards by the FSPort team on September 03, 2007.

The revised version is available at