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For playing cutscenes before the various stages of a mission. (Command Brief, Brief, Mission, Debrief, etc.)

There's no GUI for this so all work will have to be done in notepad for the moment. The FRED build however should be able to load and save everything correctly, it just doesn't have a clue how to edit it.

Syntax is as follows. (placed just before the #Command Briefing or Fiction Viewer stuff)

  $Cutscene Type: Cutscene File Name
  +formula (Since the editor doesn't work you'll have to make a formula somewhere it does work and paste it in here. MissionBrief or Goals Editor for instance)

Valid types are

  • $Fiction Viewer Cutscene:
  • $Command Brief Cutscene:
  • $Briefing Cutscene:
  • $Pre-game Cutscene:
  • $Debriefing Cutscene:
  • $Campaign End Cutscene:

All of these are played before the rest of the stage they mention.

The game will work it's way through the list of cutscenes looking for any who have the correct type for the stage of the game it is at. If it finds one it will then test to see if the formula (i.e the SEXP) is true. If so it will play the movie. It will then continue down the list. If multiple cutscenes are valid they will be played in the order they were parsed in from the mission.

So for instance this code...

  $AI Profile: FS2 RETAIL
  $Fiction Viewer Cutscene: intro.ogg
  +formula: ( true ) 
  $Briefing Cutscene: endpart1.ogg
  +formula: ( true ) 
  $Briefing Cutscene: bastion.ogg
  +formula: ( false ) 
  $Briefing Cutscene: mono2.ogg
  +formula: ( true ) 
  #Command Briefing

...Will play the intro if the mission has fiction (followed by showing the fiction viewer) then it will play endpart1, skip bastion, play mono2 and then show the briefing (Due to the way the code works it would show those whether or not you've turned briefings on or off actually but that's kinda useful so I'm not going to tinker with it).

The cutscene info is stored dynamically so the only limit on the number of them is memory. Theoretically you could use this feature to completely replace briefings and debriefings but I dread to think what filesizes would end up like if we did that.