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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.
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Description: Unknown.

The Story So Far

A mercenary base, the Event Horizon, has sent a distress call. As much as mercenaries may not be trusted in the Tau Sigma sector, Alpha and Beta Wings arrive to assist. However, the attackers are not normal pirates...


Your starting friendly assets are Alpha (4 ships, all invincible wingmen), Beta (3 disposable ships), and Hook (three Myrmidon fighters with fixed loadouts).

Don't worry about the Leviathan in the first minute of the mission, it is doomed. Tell your team mates to defend the Event Horizon while you scan the Charybdis in the area. After you scan it and find out a plot-important revelation, destroy it. Take out all the enemy Persei you see.

Eventually, the Argo-class transport Swiftsure will arrive on the scene. Tell Alpha Wing to defend it, and you will encounter at most half a dozen Ares fighters. Destroy them before they can damage the Swiftsure.

When the Swiftsure docks with the Event Horizon, be prepared to deal with a lot of Artemis bombers (at least three waves of five). They will have a lot of Hornet missiles to hit at you, so engage them at range (or if you're good enough, near point-blank).

After the Swiftsure has finished loading the evacuees from the Event Horizon, the Aeolus-class cruiser Hephaestus will show up. The Cypher has been deployed on the scene, so don't worry about that. Your next worry will be the Boanerges bombers. They can present a pain in your neck as they are armed with the Prometheus S and a lot of Hornets. If you are having trouble, evade as long as you can and tell one of Alpha Team to cover you or destroy what is chasing you.

When the Swiftsure has entered subspace, the Orion-class destroyer Auriga will show up and wreak havoc on the Cypher. The Cypher will take off, and you will have the order to leave the base.