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Author: Singh

Originally posted: Unknown

Number of Missions: Unknown
Works with FSO. In two parts.


While the GTVA is trying to evacuate Capella because of the Sathanas swarm, a small group composed of GTD Nova, GTCv Julius and GTCv Anatet is cut from the front and stranded in a nebula, along with Alpha wing from the 116th Black Knights who anwered its distress call. The campaign follows the attempt of this group to reach GTVA space.


An average campaign at best, with many faulty FRED designs, (The "unknown shivan designs" named "Shivan Comm Nodes", Shivan bomber wings jumping in while the characters are still discussion - with the characters only noticing some kind of attack 20 seconds later, failed missions which allows to continue, or plot dialogues inaudible because of one of these infamous EMP storms), "double" red alert missions with a bomber, and only nebulae/subspace missions. Moreover, you'll need to edit the campains VP to make the part II work (it starts with the second part (red alert) of the final Desperation 1 campaign). Still, missions are well-balanced (leaning on the easy) and because of this the campaign is never irritating and let itself be played easily. Narwhal 18:19, 26 August 2008 (CDT)


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