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Fighter squadron:
Description: The GTD Galatea comes under heavy attack from the Shivans.


The Galatea is under fire from Shivan forces and looks sure to be lost. Long range sensors indicate at least four wings of bombers and interceptors. The Lucifer is also somewhere in the area. The Galatea must be protected until we can evacuate the personnel.


This mission is pretty straightforward. First, destroy all the bombers and then the fighters. Keep doing so. Repeat. Before you know it, the escape pods will be gone and the Lucifer will jump in. At this time, move to about 2,000 units away from the Galatea, and then wait.

If you play on at least Medium and manage to defend all escape pods, you'll get a new medal: Galatea Survivor.


This is yet another self-play mission. If you're really cheap, you can throttle off into the void at the beginning of the mission and let the FreeSpace engine play the entire mission for you. The Galatea will fail every time, and you will pass. By the way, don't bother attacking the Lucy. She's marked invulnerable, so there's no real point.

Notable ships present

  • GTD Galatea
  • SD Lucifer