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The EAC Soter


Tech Room Description

The Soter line of support cruisers are designed to accompany front-line capital ships during the early stages of pitched battles. Capable of firing devastating rounds of Geodess ballistic missiles from the safety of behind the front lines, a group of Soters in close formation (often referred to as a 'Soterball') can easily take down a corvette or tenderize a destroyer for strike groups to take down. It is often seen accompanying Skotas-class corvettes and has also participated in long-range ambush attacks on GTVA convoys and crippled capital ships with deadly results.


  • Concept: Homeworld 2 Complex Mod by Beghins, Vaygr Missile Cruiser
  • Model by Rampage

Designer's Comments



Width 89.20 m
Height 201.70 m
Length 503.36 m
Turrets 20
Fighterbays None


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
EA-AW-Rail-B 1
EA-Geodess-C 6
EA-AF-MisSwarm-A 2
EA-AF-Blast-C 10
EA-AF-ClusFlak-A+ 1


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