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EACa Tyrranos.jpg
The EACa Tyrannos


Tech Room Description

The Tyrannos has been in service with the Earth Alliance since before opening of the Sol Gate. Although only slightly larger than the Kyrios and easily dwarfed by the Auriga, the Tyrannos is quite capable in performing the role of providing a hangar for several wings of fighters or bombers and bringing them to the front lines. The Tyrannos seems to only focus on carrying only one or two classes of strikecraft at a time, allowing it to carry up to six wings of interceptors or three wings of medium bombers. The Tyrannos also possesses the uncanny ability of bypassing our long-range sensors, allowing the light carriers to participate in hit-and-run missions against cargo depots and freighter convoys. Captured ships of this class also prove to carry sophisticated communications equipment, allowing for onboard tactical officers to tightly coordinate with pilots in the field, making a critical difference in the efficacy of Peregrine bombing runs against even our best-guarded assets. However, despite all its strengths, the Tyrannos is fundamentally limited in self-defense capabilities by its relatively small size, forcing the EA to rely heavily on escort cruisers and corvettes to shield their precious light carriers from enemy fire.


  • Concept: Homeworld 2 Vaygr Carrier and Complex Mod by Beghins, Vaygr Battlecarrier
  • Model by Rampage

Designer's Comments



Width 352.22 m
Height 398.73 m
Length 1200.10 m
Turrets 20
Fighterbays 1


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
EA-AW-Rail-B 2
EA-AFS-Omni-B 3
EA-AF-Blast-C 6
EA-AF-Gattler-A 4
EA-AF-Mis-C 4
EA-B-Small 1


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