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EACv Kyrios.jpg
The EACv Kyrios


Tech Room Description

The Kyrios class was recently deployed on the front lines by the EA to offset the effectiveness of the Phobos approximately one year after the EA war began. We believe the Kyrios was originally designated as a reserve corvette, which is why we did not encounter it in service sooner. Combining deadly offensive beam weaponry with the state-of-the-art support systems and point defense turrets, this ship is probably the most powerful corvette in any fleet against fighter or bomber attacks.


  • Concept: Homeworld Taiidan Heavy Cruiser and Homeworld 2 Complex Mod by Beghins, Vaygr Al Khalid
  • Model by Rampage

Designer's Comments



Width 309.80 m
Height 319.21 m
Length 884.62 m
Turrets 34
Fighterbays None


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
EA-AF-Autocannon-A 5
EA-B-Medium 2
EA-AFS-Disr-A 5
EA-AFS-Omni-B 6
EA-AF-Blast-B 6
EA-AW-Rail-B 4
EA-AF-Mis-C 4
EA-B-Small 2


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