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All information related to the EAI Cepheus is non-canon.
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EAI Cepheus


Tech Room Description

The gargantuan Cepheus platform is the EA's space fortress. Unlike the GTVA's Arcadia, this platform fulfills a strictly military role, and can service multiple warships simultaneously. The Cepheus' broad array of heavy weaponry is more than capable of defending the station from a fleet attack, together with an extensive fighter complement. The EA uses these installations as their fleet headquarters.


  • Model and textures by ???

Designer's Comments



Name EAI Cepheus
Yaw, Pitch, Roll 200 - 200 - 200 s
Hitpoints 500000 pts
Length 3800.52 m
Width 3074.7 m
Height 2439.01 m
Turrets 22 turrets
Fighterbays 1


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
EA-AW-Rail-A+ 1
EA-B-Large 9
EA-AF-MisSwarm-A 3
EA-AF-Gattler-A 7
EA-B-SuperAAA 2


Modding Resources

$POF File: EAI_Cepheus.pof
Texture list: Ttile05;Ttile01;Ttile02;Ttile03;Ttile06;Ttile04;Ttile07;Ttile08;damage;INF_Turret

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