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EAM Asklepios.jpg
The EAM Asklepios


Tech Room Description

What originally came off of the drawing board as a luxury cruise liner for intrasystem tourism within Sol, the Asklepios was retrofitted to accomodate military-grade medical equipment and facilities prior to the GTVA-EA conflict. Boasting twenty-five state-of-the-art ambulatory operating facilities, one hundred-fifty surgical ICU units, and more than five hundred well-trained medical staff, it serves as a mobile hospital for the crews of EA warships. Although a strategic target and a tantalizing capture opportunity, the Asklepios is rarely found near the front lines. All GTVA pilots are instructed to avoid engaging the Asklepios without specific orders.


Designer's Comments



Width 269.59 m
Height 167.61 m
Length 760.15 m
Turrets 8
Fighterbays None


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
EA-AF-Blast-C 8


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