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The EA Omega-Class


Tech Room Description

Following the Earth Minbari war, it was decided by the Earth Alliance Senate that funding for the Nova class would be suspended in favor of the new Omega class destroyer. Utilizing a similar hull design and adding a rotating habitation module, the Omega would be equipped with the very latest in weaponry including X-Ray Laser Beam technology. The Omega has been mass produced since 2249 and has become the mainstay of the EarthForce Navy.

Veteran Comments

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The Omega Class Destroyer bears its main firepower on the bow and the stern of the ship. Powerful hybrid-pulse/laser batteries protect the whole midship section from fighters and incoming missiles/torpedoes. A quite deadly ship.

The Omega's a bit poorly served by the nature of FS, as it's supposed to be able to switch between pulse and beam weapons as necessary on all its main battery turrets. The engine can't actually do this. The forward and aft beams are also fixed, meaning it doesn't have the coverage it really ought to have.



Type Destroyer
Manufacturer Earth Alliance
Maneuverability Very Good
Max Velocity 40 mps
Armor Heavy Capital
Hitpoints 125000
Length 1700 m


Turret Mounts/Position Standard Loadout
1st Fixed to front EA Heavy Pulse Cannon
2nd Fixed to front EA Heavy Pulse Cannon
3rd Fixed to front EA X-Ray Laser
4th Fixed to front EA X-Ray Laser
Compatible Primaries
[Any capitalship weapons]