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All information related to the EFC Viscount is non-canon.
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The EFC Viscount


Tech Room Description

Earth Federated Nations - Viscount Multi-task Cruiser

One of the latest designs to join the EFN fleet from the Lunar Shipyards just like the majority of Solomon and Vidar frigates. The Viscount was designed in the final years of the Federation as a heavy complement to the Evangelist, dedicated as an escort vessel for supply convoys. While the Solomon remained the mainstay of EFN fleets, frigate-sized warships were mostly required for the frontline rendering supply lines vulnerable to ORS strikes. Initial prototypes were introduced in 2361, but with a single salvo-firing plasma cannon and decent point defenses, they did not meet Federate requirements. The minimalistic design of the Viscount was hastenly enhanced with side batteries and ion lances, turning the cruiser into a formidable opponent for bomber strikes and Amalthea cruisers, with proper bomber support they were even capable of withstanding an attack from a Vitalius.

The Viscount is armed with a frigate-grade spinal plasma cannon and two pairs of smaller cannons placed on the sides. Just like every EFN warship, the Viscount has extended anti-fighter screens with multiple plasma turrets and ion lances. Tactical Arbiters advise attacking the Viscount from the front or back, as both spinal plasma driver and engines are quite vulnerable compared to other parts of the ship.

Just a few cruisers of this class survived the Shivan invasion and formed the Federate Task Forces that joined the Great Exodus. They perform similar tasks to Amalthea-class cruisers, serving mostly as escort elements or heavy patrol units in volatile sectors.


  • Concept: ship from the intro to the game Freelancer
  • Original model from the Freelancer Discovery mod (Coalition battlecruiser)
  • Model by SolCommand, Textures by Nyctaeus

Designer's Comments



Width 77.60 m
Height 108.49 m
Length 345.73 m
Turrets 18
Fighterbays None


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
EFN Plasma Cannon 5
Fed Pulse Turret 6
Federation Turret 7


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