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All information related to the EFF Sabre is non-canon.
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The EFF Sabre


Tech Room Description

Earth Federated Nations - Sabre Interceptor

The Sabre is a development of the post-Great War design of the GTF Spatha light interceptor. When Earth emerged from the anarchy following the Secession War, the newly-formed Federation required a versatile space superiority fighter what would perform a variety of roles throughout the Solar System, from patroling zones near the Syndicate border as well as escort duties to skirmishes with Outer Rim fighters. Mesa decided to redesign the Spatha's power and weapon systems to incorporate post-Great War technological solutions. A second layer of armour plating was added to improve its endurance in close combat. The final result was the Sabre which has become the backbone of EFN fighter squadrons and one of the best fighters in the Inner Rim. Both the Spatha and Sabre have their hullframes based mostly on classic atmospheric fighters. During all three wars of the Rim Conflict Sabres were frequently used both in open space as well as atmospheric missions. Numerous squadrons of Sabre fighters are still present onboard surviving Federation frigates like the Iliaster or Andrasta, and continue to serve the Exodus Fleet as the primary interceptor of the Federate Task Force.


  • Col.Hornet - Modelling, texturing
  • Nyctaeus - UVmapping, conversion, table, texturing assistance

Designer's Comments



Name EFF Sabre
Length 17.55 m
Width 10.68 m
Height 3.16 m
Primary weapons
1st bank 2 guns
2nd bank 2 guns
Secondary weapons
1st bank capacity 40
2nd bank capacity 60

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