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All information related to the EFFg Vidar is non-canon.
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The EFFg Vidar


Tech Room Description

Earth Federated Nations - Vidar Strike Frigate

EFN heavy assault element, the Vidar is a next-generation vessel the the Earth Federation armada and the most sophisticated battleship ever designed by mankind. A deserved equivalent of the Tychicus-class escort frigate, the Vidar is longer, heavier, has a larger fighterbay but it's also considerably slower. The Vidar was also the first EFN battleship equipped with a heavier version of the plasma driver used frequently on almost every larger vessel in Federation fleets. The first version with the cannon mounted underneath the bow of the ship quickly proven itself to be too vulnerable to ORS Revenant torpedoes and supressing railgun fire. Later versions of the Vidar frigate had this cannon mounted inside the hull.

Although heavy armoured, the Vidar was designed with versatility in mind. A large hangarbay allows it to perform a strike carrier role, but the strong spinal arsenal is its signature weapon. A cluster of Scimitar torpedo tubes, heavy plasma driver and a pair of secondary plasma cannons gives this vessel tremendous punch when attacking forward. Despite not being as devastating as the Tychicus' famous pair of heavy cannons, the Vidar must be considered as an opponent every bit as deadly as its Syndicate counterpart. Tactics used by the Federation Navy in the recent war featured Vidar-class warships used in shock-jump strikes influenced by the SD Lucifer during the Great War. The ORS lost several Vitalius frigates and Syr Darya carriers from shock-jump attacks. This EFN strategy, however, helped us better prepare for Shivan attacks during their invasion.


  • Concept: Kol Battleship from Sins of a Solar Empire
  • Model by Lc4Hunter
  • Textures by Nyctaeus

Designer's Comments



Width 182.13 m
Height 191.79 m
Length 907.09 m
Turrets 33
Fighterbays 1


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
EFN Big Plasma Cannon 1
Scimitar 1x4
Federation Turret 23
EFN Plasma Cannon 4
Fed Pulse Turret 4


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